Support Program 


For companies that don't have enough of the right specialist staff to grow their business systems.



Clean Data 

Everyone wants their system to have it, but how do you get it?  It's a combination of things actually.  Probably no surprise that it starts with a well designed system, aligned to well designed business processes to make your employees jobs much easier.  Add to that a good training program and other tricks like duplicate prevention and auto merging of incoming data and you have clean data.


100% Adoption

There is nothing worse that seeing a company pay for a impressive business system and have their staff not use it to its full potential. Gentle but consistent forced change over time is an approach that always works in getting 100% user adoption.  But... the foundations must be right.  The system must be designed to aligned with your business processes and make your employees jobs much easier before you get 100% adoption.



Often overlooked with cloud based systems is your companies security.  This is not just secure access to your system with a user name and password.  Security is monitoring and taking proactive intervention remove all the risks associated with cloud technology.