Get 'Day-to-day Support' so you never have to worry who to contact when you (or your staff) have any issues with any of the business systems I support, just call me, I have you covered.  I look after all your custom development support, plus if something comes up that the software companies must fix, I'll manage that support for you, so you only have 'one throat to choke'...mine.


Instant Support

Text or call me for any urgent issues so I can get right onto it for you.


Rapid Turn Around

For things that are not that urgent, but important to get done, can be added to my support queue. You'll get immediate confirmation that it is in the queue, plus updates as it progresses through to a 'done'.


Support includes

  • System Access issues (adding, deactivating staff), 
  • How-to advice.
  • Emergency issues.

Get started now


Excluded from Day-to-day Support is 1 System enhancements, 2 Custom development, 3 Custom configuration.  These are covered by Enhancements and Mini-Projects.