Mini Projects

Have a bigger change in mind? Fixed price Mini-Projects get them sorted.  These are for specific upgrades to how your business systems work, usually focused around new technology add ons, or some sort of automation. 


Fixed Price

We fix the scope and the price upfront so you know exactly what you are in for.  Always done for a specific business benefit.


Design & Documentation

To fix the scope we create detailed plans and diagrams 


Delivered all at once

Mini-Projects are built all in one go and include many new features all at once.  We normally launch Mini-Projects over a weekend to ease them into your business.  


More in your wallet

Keep more in your back pocked with Planned Mini-Projects. You'll get the maximum discount possible since you are buying hours in bulk.  


70/30 invoice

Get one invoice when the project starts and the final invoice when the work is completed.  


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